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  • Nicole Thurneysen

  • Welcome to Spain - where the sun shines (almost) every day. The longing for sun and sea brought me to Spain around thirty years ago, and since then I have been living in the beautiful “Empordà” area of the Costa Brava. Since we not only have sun and sea here but also mountains and a lot of nature, the Costa Brava reminds me a bit of Switzerland. Sailing, diving, playing golf, or even skiing - everything is possible in this area. The Costa Brava not only offers many sports facilities, but it is also one of the most innovative culinary areas in Spain.

    There are many real estate agencies in the Costa Brava - but only a few offer highly individualized services. That's why I decided to start my own business after my extensive experience at Engel & Völkers, Sotheby’s, and PGA Catalunya. With my "Thurneysen Services", I offer an individual and personal service that goes beyond standardized real estate marketing. I work purely on a mandate basis, and even after buying a house, I offer everything a homeowner in a new country could wish for as support.

  • Real Estate

  • Individual search for your dream property

    Housing requests are very personal, which is why we look for your dream property exclusively on a mandate basis and focus objectively on properties that meet your requirements. In order to make this search process efficient, we have developed a detailed questionnaire for you, which serves as the basis for our cooperation.

  • Conversion, garden design, interior design - we have the network

    Dream homes are not easy to find - everything is fine, but something is still missing. A renovation, a new garden design, a swimming pool, or a completely new interior design can transform an object into something very fresh and up-to-date. We take care of the entire process, coordinate and monitor the work. We mediate quality companies without charging commissions.

  • Selling your property

    Sometimes in life you have to part with your property because you are breaking new ground. Here, too, we help you to market your property in a targeted manner. Together we define the marketing strategy, create the sales documents and use our own real estate platform as well as the real estate networks of our partners.

  • Services

  • Special services

    We offer our customers a hand when it comes to valuing real estate together with a bank or an officially certified real estate appraiser. We also accompany our customers to bank appointments, trustees or to the community and, if requested, take on the role of a translator.
    We arrange professional rental agencies for customers who want to rent out their property during their absence.

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Image Gabriela Wirz

"I know Nicole Thurneysen as a professional, reliable, trustworthy personality who offers foreigners very good, competent support when buying a house in Spain and can recommend her 100% as a professional real estate broker."

Gabriela Wirz, Switzerland.

Image Dirk Kesberg

"We were very satisfied with the good advice and the smooth process and would be happy to recommend Nicole Thurneysen!"

Dirk Kesberg, Germany.

Image Sheran Fairbrother

“Always been grateful for her help when looking for properties…she has also recommended reliable tradesmen including a constructor who 4 years ago completed our new house! Her knowledge of the Empordà, various languages, and local people is invaluable!”

Sheran Fairbrother, United Kingdom.

Image Sophie De Martelaer & Laurent Defaweux

Thanks to Nicole we were able to carry out our project of a bed and breakfast in Spain. After more than 47 visits alone, we turned to her... And there she found us exactly what we needed! She supervised us from the start of the project until the end. THANKS!

Sophie De Martelaer & Laurent Defaweux, Belgium